Rajasi Deshpande

Student Web Developer - Fall 2013

My name is Rajasi Deshpande. I am a sophomore at New Jersey Institute of Technology, majoring in Information Technology. I like designing, listening to music and being involved on campus as much as I can. I feel honored to work at the CECC where I not only get to design, I also get to learn. I have yet to choose what I will specialize in because I have so many different interests but I am hoping as I gain experience working here, it will help me realize what I love doing most.

Nisarg Patel

Student Web Developer - Fall 2013

My name is Nisarg Patel, I'm currently a second semester graduate student. I'm pursuing a Master's of Science in Information Systems. Technology is one of my greatest interests as it plays a huge role in my life. I enjoy looking for the newest and next innovations that will take over. I enjoy working with the CECC as it allows us students to be artistic and creative. With a B.S. in Business Administration and MIS, I have a keen eye for coordination and leadership qualities. I'm a Master's student still exploring the vast career paths that my future may hold. Looking past technology, I enjoy music, movies, gaming, as well as social/ night life on weekends. I look forward for this opportunity with the CECC to learn, develop, and further my professional skills.

Matthew Maravilla

Student Web Developer - Fall 2013

I'm Matthew Maravilla, a sophomore IT student at NJIT. I like a lot of things, from playing music to coding to writing any ideas that come to my mind. I'm an impulsive person with high hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow grown from seeds sowed by my two hands. Though, that's why I had dreams of becoming a game designer/developer. Technology is my passion and I won't stop supporting all aspects of it including artistic mediums like video games. If you include design in the mix of technology, as a coder and self-proclaimed auteur, I feel elated that I'm a part of this booming industry! Of course, I'm still learning. I'm not the best but I know my limits and will stop at nothing to push my boundaries farther. Any new challenges that come my way, I can't help but take them on with a chin up and head straight.

Atika Latif

Student Web Developer: Spring 2012 - Present

My name is Atika Latif and currently I am a 2nd year student at New Jersey Institute of Technology majoring in Information Technology. The career path that I have chosen is to eventually become a Web designer and create wonderful websites that inspire others to pursue the same. I love designing new things and putting my own flare into the final product. I have developed many other interests as well such as writing poems. When I get the time to write words just flow through my mind and I just start writing. With all this I am still learning and growing up and seeing what the older has to offer, with new experiences and world full of possibilities.

Alan Joseph

Student Web Developer: Spring 2012 - Spring 2013

My name is Alan Joseph and I am freshmen at New Jersey Institue of Technology majoring in Information Technology. I am working towards a career that deals with web development. I have been to a lot of places in my life including Japan, Spain and Italy. I was born in the United States specifically in Colonia, New Jersey. I try to improve with everything that I do. While in high school, I developed my liking for web development.

Paul Rajah - Coordinator: Spring 2013 - Present

Paul Rajah is a current student at New Jersey Institute of Technology, studying Information Technology with a spelization in Information Systems. While he is not behind the computer coding Java Apps, he is behind the Pipe Organ at his local church playing the works of the great classical musicians: Bach, Beethovan, Mozart, just to name a few. Over the years of learning he loves to share the knowledge he has with others.