Preparing Leaders Through Civic Engagement

As a service to the community, the Civic Engagement Computer Center at NJIT (CECC @NJIT) provides quality Information Technology (IT) solutions to non-profit organizations and schools in Northern New Jersey. The IT sector is moving at a rapid pace, and organizations must keep up with in order to survive in today's technology driven environment. CECC@NJIT offers to help non-profit organizations enhance their use of computer technology for the benefit of the community.

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Our Mission
In continuation of the university’s efforts to address the “digital divide”, the Civic Engagement Computer Center (CECC) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology was founded to support and develop the technological capacity of local-area schools and community-based organizations.
We provide our talented students with an opportunity to serve their community while gaining valuable work experience in offering IT solutions and technical support. Our aim is to cultivate leaders within the community and within the university, through technology, in order to make a difference.

Our Process

Take a look into how we produce your website!


Everything begins with a conversation. Our dedicated staff will meet with you to determine your needs and outline a project that helps your organization reach its goals.


After we our initial conversation, our team will meet to review your website needs and identify solutions. We begin drafting samples and demo sites to demonstrate for you, and when you’re satisfied we can begin development!


In the development phase, our team turns your vision into reality. This is where the project comes to life; we will work on actual design, development, and strategy! Our coordinator will communicate with you every step of the way to address new challenges and changes to the project.


Before we unveil the site we have to make sure it works! We test website responsiveness across all platforms and browsers to make sure you’re good to go.


Finally, you can show off your brand new website! Feel free to contact us for more projects or to support any projects we’ve already completed.

Our Work

View some of our work with agencies in the Newark and Essex County areas.

NJICIE - New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education


The New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education (NJCIE) supports families and schools in the quest to create neighborhood schools where children with disabilities and learning differences are welcomed as classmates, valued as learners, and empowered to succeed.

Newark Emergency Services for Families

Newark Emergency Services For Families, Inc.

Newark Emergency Services for Families, Inc. mission to stabilize families and individuals in crisis especially the low income, the working poor, homeless and those in financial need and provide them with financial support and life skills training to live on their own.”

The Boys to Leaders Foundation

The Boys to Leaders Foundation

The Boys to Leaders Foundation is an organization that will empower, motivate, and inspire young men, by providing leadership training, educational programs, positive personal and professional development. Our goal is to unleash the potential of young men while offering the resources they will need to succeed! We are excited to engage with community partners. The success of the program depends on the generous donations and continuing support from our community.

Donate A ToothBrush

Donate A ToothBrush

Almost everyone is aware of the hunger, poverty and general poor health of many children who live in third world countries. What we don't think of is their dental health. Poor dental health can lead to pain, tooth loss, infection and even death. People are amazed to learn that dental cavities and gum disease are the most widespread diseases in the world. Children’s dental health plays a critical role in their overall health and well being and requires attention starting at an early age and routinely throughout their lives.

New Community Corporation

New Community Corporation

One-stop resource center, early childhood development, youth services, workforce training, adult continuing education, family transitional housing, food pantry, mental health services, extended care for seniors, a community newspaper and arts and cultural events..

United Community Corporation

United Community Corporation

Guided by service, compassion and fairness, UCC's mission is to assist low-income, disadvantaged and at risk individuals and families including seniors and youth, to become self-sufficient and self supporting; while enhancing their quality of life and standard of living.

Hunger Prevention Awareness Resources

Hunger Prevention Awareness Resources

Emphasizing a coordinated one-stop service system that provides a wide range of resources for families by providing enhanced communication network for non-profits and food pantries in Newark and its surrounding areas, unlimited access to hunger prevention information, and adequate and substantial resources for disadvantaged families.

Zeuner Foundation

Zeuner Foundation

The Zeuner Foundation was created to bring inspirational support to terminally diagnosed cancer patients, their caretakers and families. It's mission is to provide dream destinations and special events for terminally ill adult cancer patients and their caregivers residing in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

Agency Information

If you are an agency that is interested in our services please feel free to contact us through email or by phone. Once you have contacted us, please set up an appointment and fill out the Client Questionnaire linked below. The Questionnaire should be filled out and given to us through email ( or brought as a printed copy for the first meeting. If you are submitting the Questionnaire through email, make sure to download the document and save any information you write before sending the document.

Adobe's Color Picker is a useful tool for determining the color scheme of your website. We will discuss your color scheme and how the Color Picker works during the first meeting.

Student Information

If you are a student that is interested in being involved in the CECC send us an email with your resume:

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