Cesar Hernandez

My name is Cesar Hernandez, I am a Junior Computer Science major. I have many interests such as playing the guitar, listening to classic rock music and computer programming. I enjoy acquiring and discovering new technology which advances every single day.

Nasr-Kyrillos Kelliny

I am a student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in a major of Information Technology Bachelor's of Science with a minor in Computer Science.I am also a developer who provides services to clients and other companies such as design, development, and integration of systems and software applications. Through all the experience that I have had, I have an understanding for not only the development of products and the production, but also the business side of development and web applications development.

Atika Latif

My name is Atika Latif. I am a junior studying Web Information Systems at New Jersey Institute of Technology. The career path that I have chosen is to eventually become a Web designer and create wonderful websites that inspire others to pursue the same.

Allan Vigualla

I am Allan Viguilla and I am currently a junior majoring in Web and Information Systems here at NJIT. My aim is to use my working experience and skills I develop here at the Civic Engagement Computer Center as the foundation for a future career in Web Design and Full Stack Web Development. A few of my interests include Music, Art, Fashion, and Football; My favorite Football teams include Tottenham Hotspurs and FC Barcelona whom I've been supporting for 8 years.

Dan Abraham

James Brancale

Muhammad Faraque